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Through one-on-one coaching, information sharing, hands on administration, vetted referrals, expert guidance, and accountability, we can address any of these pains you’re dealing with together. Your service is completely personalized to your stage in the process, what logistical matters are involved and what you need. I welcome the chance to speak to you about how I can help during a free no-obligation consultation.

You want to save money on your divorce. 

According to Canadian Lawyer Magazine, an Edmonton Divorce lawyer will typically bill $21,539.50 per client or $43,079 per family. In addition, you might also pay professional consulting fees for psychologists, mediators, actuaries, appraisers, and accountants. Assuming your lawyer charges $325 per hour, the real-time fee is $5.42 for every minute you are on the phone. I charge a fraction of what these professionals charge and being prepared to use their time efficiently WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. 

Deciding to stay or go?

Get informed on the processes, learn what it will mean for you, your kids and your finances. Walk the path of what staying and what going will look like for your life. Use a skilled thinking partner while making the best decision for you and your family. 

My lawyer asked for all this paperwork and I’m overwhelmed? 

Get a little or a lot of help completing all of the necessary paperwork of divorce. Save time and stress and avoid costly errors or expensive time with your lawyer with help from me to prepare your complete financial disclosure set, personal budget and section 7 expenses (Ps. Lawyers love me). 

We’re doing this,

where do I start? 

Let me help you decide how and when you want to do this BEFORE you run off to a lawyer. Review collaborative and all of the “ations” (mediation, litigation, arbitration), decide which way to go, prep for the best process and receive referrals to the team you need.

So, what’s a parenting plan? 

Take a deep dive into what you want your post-divorce parenting arrangement to look like, explore different schedules and options, write the plan details that are required by law and get support making sure the end of your marriage and coparenting is as easy on the kids as can be.

You are on the “high conflict” rollercoaster.

(Don’t worry, if you’re what the pros call “high conflict” you’ll know it)

Get a compassionate thinking partner to walk beside you through the drama that never ends, talk personality disorders, how to take the high road, parallel parenting, handling hot buttons and triggers, communication, parenting apps, experts that you may want on your team and very importantly… looking after you and the stress you have.

I'm divorced, where’s this new life I thought I would have? 

Getting the divorce papers is only one big step in the process, the next one is to create your 2.0. Drill down on what you want that version to look like and make a plan to take the steps to create it. Guided support to put the divorce behind you and focus forward on your career goals, getting back out there, having a healthy relationship with your money and more.

You need a concierge for your life. 

Your to do list is full of tasks that you don’t know how to do, want to do or have time to do. Let’s project manage that pile and get it behind you. Organizing property appraisals and business valuations, relocation including listing a home, getting a mortgage, finding a home and moving in, filing your support settlement with MEP, getting a new will done, planning for your financial future, tweaking your resume, getting insurance, changing your name, filing for CPP credit splits, getting your taxes done…you name it and I can help you get it done or refer you to a highly recommended professional who can. 

You’re in the incredibly stressful process of on-going complex litigation.

Rarely divorcing requires seeing the inside of a courtroom (thankfully). If your situation includes questionings, court appearances, reviewing endless affidavits and exhibits and you feel like you have your lawyer on speed dial - you need a cheerleader and a phone-a-friend. With your lawyers blessing I can be by your side through these grueling steps.

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