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Hi! I’m Dori Braddell, The Divorce Mentor.


CDC Certified Divorce Coach®,

CDC Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach®

DCA Divorce Conflict Coach


I am not a lawyer, psychologist, mediator, or accountant. I have a background in business, leadership, project management and customer service and a passion for helping others. I have completed my divorce journey from totally, completely broken (and broke), emotionally devastated, humiliated, gravely concerned for my kids, and fully petrified of my uncertain future… to thriving, divorce behind me, settled in a wonderful home that makes my heart happy, financially secure and blessed with a much deeper connection with my children than I knew possible.

While I will forever wish I had married for life I can proudly scream from the rooftops that I have survived a bloody high conflict divorce. I am now living the silver lining of it and am happier/better/stronger than ever. I am a globally certified divorce coach and transition and recovery coach. It is my passion to use my background and all I have learned through my own divorce to help others during their tough time. I hope to know you when your divorce is behind you and you too are able to say that you are better than ever!

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